NCHQA Leads the North Carolina Choosing Wisely® Campaign to Reduce Unnecessary Use of Medical Tests and Treatments

Duke Medicine and Cornerstone Health Care aim to reduce inappropriate use of antibiotics and other common types of care that may not be necessary and may even cause harm. Visit the NC Choosing Wisely microsite to learn more.

Transitions from hospital to home: NCHQA releases new evidence for improving health outcomes

New NCHQA research conducted by Community Care of North Carolina identifies ways to improve the quality of care for patients after release from the hospital, and to significantly reduce the likelihood that those patients will be readmitted to the hospital.

NCHQA is working to improve the quality of health care.

NCHQA seeks to provide the trusted place where leaders from across North Carolina's health care system can work together to improve the quality of health care and the health of all North Carolinians. Our Board of Directors fully reflects the complex dynamics of health care delivery, uniting physicians and other health care professionals, hospitals, payers, government, business, academics and other key entities. Our strength lies in organizing these diverse stakeholders around a common mission: the transformation of health care delivery in our state.

NCHQA has three core objectives:
  • Provide leadership for the improvement of health care delivery in North Carolina.
  • Promote and facilitate transparency and public accountability.
  • Foster innovative and sustainable activities and interventions that improve the quality and value of health care.
See the June 2012 report on NCHQA by the National Academy for State Health Policy

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