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Information for Providers

After three years of grant work, our clinical partners have seen results. Fewer unnecessary antibiotics are being prescribed and fewer Pap tests and DEXA scans performed. Other organizations and health professionals want to know how to get started with Choosing Wisely. Here are some recommendations from the ABIM Foundation:

Clinicians Implementation Plan 

The ABIM Foundation has developed an implementation plan which includes the following five steps:

  1. Engage your provider
  2. Engage your staff
  3. Engage your patients
  4. Establish an implementation plan for the practice
  5. Use data to understand and improve performance

More information can be found at

How to Disseminate Information About Antibiotic Use to the Public During Flu Season

Fact: Antibiotics are for treatment of bacterial infections not viral infections such as flu.

Fact: You can educate your patients and your community regarding the appropriate use of antibiotics as well as the prevention and treatment of the flu.

Fact: Choosing Wisely and the CDC’s Be Antibiotics Aware offer resources to help you and your patients confront the flu season and reduce the unnecessary use of antibiotics.

Activities to Consider for Your Practice and Your Patients

  •  Check your own and your practice’s beliefs about prescribing antibiotics (include everyone). Consider viewing these videos and reviewing the How to Talk with Your Patients modules if there are concerns about sticking to appropriate prescribing recommendations.
  • Provide reminders for you and your staff by using screensavers and prescription pads
  • Create an office environment that provides patients with relevant information in the waiting room and the exam room.
  • Use Choosing Wisely posters and brochures such as Can Antibiotics Help You Feel Better?; Antibiotics: When You Need Them- and When You Don’t; and Five Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Antibiotics. They can be downloaded and printed in English or Spanish.
  • Use CDC Be Antibiotics Aware posters such as Virus or Bacteria? ; Do You Need Antibiotics? ; or Commitment to Our Patients About Antibiotics
  • Be sure to include information on How to Prevent the Flu, Symptom Relief for Colds and Bronchitis ; and The Flu: What to Do If You Get Sick? .

Activities to Consider for Your Community (from

  1. Share information via email, newsletter, or blog.
  2. Issue a press release.
  3. Obtain your professional organization’s support or another civic group to sponsor printing and distribution of posters, flyers, newsletter articles to other groups, organizations, and neighborhoods.
  4. Distribute materials at medical conferences and exhibits.
  5. Develop a local government proclamation.

For more information on CDC Be Antibiotics Aware go to