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Dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare for all North Carolinians.


The North Carolina Healthcare Quality Alliance was created to enhance the health of North Carolinians by improving the quality of care delivered in the state.  NCHQA’s strength lies in bringing the key players in healthcare together around a common mission: the transformation of healthcare delivery. The NCHQA Board of Directors fully reflects the complex dynamics of healthcare delivery, uniting physicians and other healthcare professionals, hospitals, payers, government, business, academics, consumers, community stakeholders, and other key entities. NCHQA provides a trusted place where leaders from across North Carolina’s healthcare system can work together to improve the quality of healthcare and the health of all North Carolinians.

NCHQA has three core objectives:

  • Provide leadership for the improvement of health care delivery in North Carolina.
  • Promote and facilitate transparency and public accountability.
  • Foster innovative and sustainable activities and interventions that improve the quality and value of health care.